Back in March we announced we had acquired the UK software company O&M Systems and its O&M Profiler ESP to bring advisers a powerful, combined advice and research solution within Xplan. We have reached the second stage of the integration, and it’s ready to go.

This crucial second part will allow users to seamlessly upload their completed reports from O&M Profiler ESP and store them against the client record in Xplan. And it all builds on the one-way integration already in place, where users can export detailed client and portfolio data and access client-friendly reporting functionality and research facilities.

This better way of working also means users can customise the upload to Xplan to help streamline the process by automatically uploading every report to Xplan, batch upload reports in bulk or upload a single report.

What is O&M Profiler ESP from Iress?

It’s a fully integrated system assisting:

  • Drawdown reviews and MI reporting
  • Defined benefit transfers including TVC and APTA
  • Switching analysis for pensions, bond, ISA, GIA, wrap and drawdown products
  • Retirement income modelling, cashflow planning and shortfall analysis
  • Projections for pension, bond, ISA and GIA products
  • Withdrawal via annuity and drawdown
  • Fund research and portfolio management
  • Risk profiling.

Watch a quick demonstration here. Or for more information contact us or your account manager. This is currently only available in the UK.