As I complete my fourth week as the Chief Product Officer at Iress, I wanted to share a few thoughts on why I am incredibly thrilled to be here, and why it already feels like home.

The trials and joys of inventing

Over the last couple of decades, I have been fortunate to have worked at the forefront of several disruptive technologies and businesses in Silicon Valley. I have played a part in creating products at early-stage startups and global enterprises and experienced the many trials and joys of inventing and scaling. Like many of you, I am constantly awed and challenged, in equal measure, by the pace of technology changes today. At the same time, I have always cherished the opportunity to put that technology to work for people, to build things that matter and improve people's lives. This was foremost in my mind in considering, and then accepting, the opportunity to lead the product organisation at Iress.

I have always cherished the opportunity to put technology to work for people, to build the things that matter and improve people's lives.

Joydip Das
Chief Product Officer

A relentless focus on client success

Over these first few weeks of many product and technology deep-dives, my expectations have been well exceeded. I am experiencing firsthand how deeply we are engaged with our clients to help support their software strategies and business outcomes. Under the hood, we have assembled a technology platform with world-class cloud and data capabilities, supported by delivery practices that are on par with the most agile of tech giants. Most importantly, I am humbled by the people of Iress, their pride in the company they have built and their passion for innovation and relentless focus on client and user success.

Embracing this time of change

This is certainly a time of turmoil as the pandemic continues to disrupt our lives in unprecedented ways. Economic and political uncertainties and regulatory pressures are also creating dramatic shifts in the market. It is truly a time to put our collective strengths to work to innovate and better people’s lives. So in the coming weeks and months, over Zoom calls and across time-zones, I am eagerly looking forward to meeting with our global community of clients, users and partners.

I am looking forward to working with the community to continue to scale the Iress vision to deliver truly engaging digital experiences, richer analytics and measurable automation. I am looking forward to applying emerging machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to help unleash our clients' data in ways that augment human decision-making and experiences with deep insights. Let's together embrace this time of change and put technology to work for a better future!