In 2023, we conducted our annual customer survey, asking our clients their views on what they value most from Iress and where we can improve. We’re pleased to share the key themes we have heard and how we’re using this feedback to shape an improved software and service experience for you. It was great to see a big response this year - so thank you!

Our software is critical to your business.
Across Iress globally, most survey respondents agreed that Iress software is critical to their business. 100% of responding Canadian clients confirmed the business criticality of our solutions. However, there are areas where you would like us to improve. 

In 2023, we saw a considerable increase in satisfaction across all areas compared with 2022, which highlighted that the work we have been doing to improve your experience is on the right track and has had a positive impact. We will continue to focus on areas of improvement you have suggested. 

We also loved hearing about specific Iress team members who provide a great experience and who you enjoy working with. 

You want more engagement and communication with us.
Many of you told us that you'd like to hear more about what we're doing, what’s on our product roadmap, and where you can access further learning opportunities. To deliver on this, we have introduced our new Iress Canada Quarterly Newsletter. 

Our newsletter includes some key updates for you in areas such as:

  • Canadian Market Structure
  • Market Data updates
  • Our software 
  • Support
  • Operations and networks

You want improved support times 
We are also continuing our customer experience improvement programme established last year, mainly focused on:

  • Introducing a new client support portal for easier and quicker triage and resolution
  • Relaunching and simplifying key processes
  • Growth of team members' knowledge and expertise

We will also introduce new feedback mechanisms across critical services to capture your satisfaction at that moment so we can continue improving your experience. 

Your time and feedback help. 
Thank you to everyone who responded and for your continued trust, business and engagement with us. Your feedback has been incorporated into our vision and strategy to deliver industry-leading software and services that match your expectations. 

We’ll conduct our next annual customer survey in September, but you can give us feedback anytime using the quick pulse survey.