From directing award-winning short films to practising martial arts - what Kenny loves about Iress

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20 June 2022


From crowd pleasing cupcakes to leading the Sydney Chapter of the Iress Foundation - what Zita loves about Iress

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Trading tech and table tennis - Atheer’s journey to a new life and career with Iress

We spoke to Atheer Kareem about his long journey to Australia, how he’s bringing his Ramadan traditions to his new home country, and why he’s a fan of Melbourne’s rivers, parks and climbing walls.

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03 May 2022


What we're doing to #BreakTheBias

How we're supporting International Women's Day 2022 and working towards a gender diverse vision.

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07 March 2022


Women in tech: Reach for the stars

Women working in technology at Iress share their inspiring stories. Here's Alice's.

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10 September 2021


Women in tech: Engineering the future

In the first of a new series, women working in technology at Iress share their inspiring stories.

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Employers reveal how uni grads can gain an edge

Should university students focus on getting top marks or workplace experience? Two employers and two recruiters share their views.

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10 February 2021