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We interviewed two successful firms to hear why they chose to move from Adviser Office (AO) to Xplan. They tell us about the transition, what to look for if you’re considering changing software and how they haven't looked back.

Think what could be achieved if you changed your back office software - so you could work better. Johnston Carmichael Wealth and Canter Holland have both moved from Adviser Office to Xplan and say the software has transformed the way they work.

Results you can see

  • One system: no rekeying and fewer errors
  • Better client profitability - time (and where it’s spent) is easier to quantify
  • Better reporting and market intelligence
  • No more multiple spreadsheets with accurate results in one click
  • Accurate and easy management of revenue and remuneration with CommPay
  • Massive improvements in the visibility of workflow
  • Ability to work anywhere, through any device
  • Easier staff onboarding
  • Transformation of the audit trail

Xplan is hugely customisable, we've tailored it to our firm and our needs.

Matt Worthington
Canter Holland

One system, more done

When everything is working as it should, deciding to implement any kind of change to infrastructure can seem an unnecessary distraction. When big decisions are being made in an ever changing landscape it is tougher - particularly when it's something as crucial as the software that powers your business. 

Johnston Carmichael Wealth and Canter Holland were effectively managing core business functions with Adviser Office, but to stay competitive each wanted a fresh way of working. After researching and considering different software, it was clear the solution lay within Xplan.

Its ability to provide one operating system and one data flow edged ahead of the rest. As did the ability to get set up and customise it from the start. “We had a system kind of from day one that was usable and workable,” explains Matt, “but one of the reasons we went to Xplan is because so much can be customised and we've done a lot of that.” 

Craig Hendry, Johnston Carmichael Wealth: “One of the biggest benefits, is everything is controlled by one back-office system. It allows us to import data without double keying - that’s huge for us.”

Matt, Canter Hollands adds: “And being able to work remotely on Xplan, having a system you can access anywhere really through any device has been hugely beneficial when out on the road.”

Case manager - if you have not adopted it, I strongly recommend it.

Craig Hendry, Johnson Carmicheal wealth

Control over your processes

For Canter Holland, it was a chance to redesign processes, to create a dream system and better ways of working. Matt explains: “If we just wanted to do things the way we were doing them on Adviser Office, then why move?"

One system means each business has been able to become more efficient and transform processes, in a way that can scale.

"Everybody’s following the same pattern and as the firm grows, it's really important we have that consistency," says Matt.

Top tips from our clients on changing software

Employ fresh thinking

Don't think of a change of software or platform as just version two of your current system. It's a good opportunity to reflect, change how you work and build your dream processes.

Allocate a project manager

Someone should help drive changes within your business and champion the move.

Prioritise data cleansing

If you migrate bad data to the new system people will blame the system even though it's the data. Decide what you need and what you can get rid of.

Define criteria and make it work for you

Don’t fit around a platform or system. Define the criteria you need to make it work for your business. Check the facts and do plenty of research.

Moving to Xplan

Johnston Carmichael Wealth and Canter Holland explain the transition to Xplan and the benefits they gained for their businesses.

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