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Digital Signatures

What is the best way for clients to approve their documents remotely?

Today, more than ever, remote working has become a necessity—and the norm. Available via Client Portal, Digital Signatures allows your clients to sign documents digitally rather than with pen and paper—also known as a wet signature. It’s much quicker than traditional signing and more convenient.

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Keep your financial advice business on track with technology that supports your entire service proposition.

  • Time efficient: Documents can be signed in minutes from anywhere, using any device.
  • Cost effective: Save money and time on printing, postage, and re-keying data.
  • Simple workflow: Managing and tracking signed documents is quick and easy.
  • Safe & secure: With a one time pin and audit trail you can be sure all documents are protected, signed and transmitted securely.

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FAQs about Digital Signatures?

Our snapshot includes everything you need to know.

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