A fully integrated system for advisers involved in the pension and investment planning areas.

O&M Profiler ESP is available in three different packages with the Professional version offering the functionality of eight software systems rolled into one, including:

  • Drawdown reviews and management information reporting.
  • Switching analysis for pensions, bond, ISA, GIA, wrap and drawdown products.
  • Retirement income modelling, cashflow planning and shortfall analysis.
  • Projections for pension, bond, ISA and GIA products.
  • Defined benefit transfers including TVC and APTA.
  • Withdrawal via annuity and drawdown.
  • Fund research and portfolio management.
  • Risk profiling.

How can O&M Profiler ESP support your business?


Compare a client’s existing pension, bond, drawdown, ISA or GIA to establish whether switching to a new product may produce a better outcome. The powerful, yet concise, client friendly switching reports can show a plan in isolation or the consolidation of multiple plans.

For pension switching, the system automatically populates information seamlessly into the FCA pension switching advice suitability template.

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Identify the most appropriate product for your client based on investing specific premium amounts over a specified term or to assess the level of premiums required to achieve a target amount at a future date.

Consideration can be given to investing in a pension, bond, cash saving, ISA or GIA, comparing up to three options at a time.

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Identify the most appropriate route for your client to provide an income from their current pension plans and enables you to compare and contrast the options available across a range of retirement income products.

Consideration can be given to using different types of annuities, UFPLS and flexi-access drawdown, comparing up to three options at a time within or across product types.

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Fund research

Using data provided by Morningstar, access fund data on over 100,000 funds from a number of universes including ETFs, Investment Trusts, Life, Pension, OEIC / Unit Trusts, offshore and equity funds.

A range of the factsheets are available suited to different levels of client’s investment knowledge. The funds audit function allows you to evidence your fund research in a concise report.

Graphically display and compare funds against each other, sectors or benchmarks and produce client friendly fund comparison reports.

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Portfolio management

Add consistency to your investment process by creating model portfolios from asset allocation down to individual holdings. These can then be used as the basis of your new client proposition.

Monitor your client’s investment portfolios to ensure they remain aligned with their target asset allocation and recommend action where the portfolio may have become unbalanced.

You can produce a range of reports to help your clients understand their investments including portfolio summaries, portfolio comparisons, rebalancing reports and capacity for loss.

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Retirement income modelling

It’s always been important for clients to understand how far their hard earned pension pot will take them in retirement, but perhaps even more so following the introduction of pension freedom.

O&M Profiler ESP offers a retirement income module allowing you to quickly and easily identify any shortfall and help your client’s budget and plan their retirement. You can include one off items and also vary income levels as your client goes through various stages of their retirement.

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I recently moved over to the new O&M Profiler ESP and I must say, I love it. The migration to the new system was smooth with my existing data already available. I received first class support from the team at O&M ensuring I was up to speed with the features and functionality of the new system.

In my opinion the O&M system is a more comprehensive review tool than others on the market.

Darrell Cable
Darrell Cable Independent Financial Adviser Limited

Instantly access up to date client data

Integrated with a range of back office systems including Xplan.

Import client, portfolio and holding information from your back office system to avoid re-keying data and take advantage of the research and client friendly reporting functionality with O&M Profiler ESP.

Once the research is complete, users of Xplan can seamlessly upload reports to store against a client record.

Learn about Xplan

Additional Features

In addition to the core functionality, O&M Profiler ESP includes a host of additional features to support your financial advice business and help streamline your processes.

Editable reports

All our reports are written in plain English and designed to be client friendly.

The standard reports are comprehensive and meet most adviser’s needs, but all reports can be edited so you can customise the content and wording on a case-by-case basis tailoring the report specifically to your client.

Additional information slides

Additional information slides are arguably one of the most powerful features of O&M Profiler ESP allowing you to quickly build custom dashboards of from hundreds of information slides.

There is no limit on the number of dashboards you can create. These can be packaged up as reports for use again and again.

Three way comparisons

O&M Profiler ESP is the only software in the financial services industry to offer unique three-way comparisons.

This functionality has raised the standard in client reporting and allows you to quickly compare up to three options side by side in a client friendly report. For example following the recent pension freedoms, you could illustrate to your client the income they may receive should they opt for an annuity, drawdown or withdrawing the entire fund for a buy to let investment.

Morningstar & AKG data

In addition to the team of O&M researchers collating data from each of our partners on their products and funds, the system includes a fund data feed from Morningstar and with-profits funds rating data from AKG.

Risk profiling

Morningstar’s detailed risk questionnaire and suggested asset allocations are integrated with O&M Profiler ESP allowing you to identify your client’s willingness to accept various levels of risk and ultimately direct them to the appropriate investment.

Online & tablet friendly

O&M Profiler ESP is written in HTML5 which is the latest mark-up language for presenting online content via the Internet.

This means the system is compatible with the majority of platforms and devices so you can access the system at your convenience from anywhere with an internet connection.

Product sourcing

Product sourcing helps you reduce the list of potential products by filtering on various criteria including policy features, premium flexibility, fund switching, financial strength plus many more.

State pension estimations

Simply adding your client’s date of birth and age enables O&M Profiler ESP to calculate an estimation of your clients state pension age, state pension date, period until state pension and state pension amount.

Third party integrations

Speed of use and accuracy of data are important factors. We work closely with a number of other organisations to ensure that data can be passed seamlessly, avoiding rekeying of data and up to date information is available for analysis.

Current integrations include Xplan, Fidelity FundsNetwork, Plum Software, PortfolioMetrix and Transact.

Usergroup functionality

We work closely with a number of regulators and compliance service providers to provide customised versions of the system to cover a number of scenarios including negotiated product charges, model portfolios, fund lists and additional information slides to support processes or workflow.

Partnership programme

We maintain a Partnership Programme with all providers whose products appear on the system. Both O&M and our partners have a number of commitments to ensure accuracy of the calculations.

With profits information

With profits fund information has always been notoriously difficult to obtain. O&M Profiler ESP contains a vast amount of with-profits information to assist advisers when reviewing existing arrangements or recommending a new investment.

Detailed reports from the leading independent actuaries AKG, are available for every major pension fund, including those closed to new business.

Custom products

With over 30 members in the O&M Partnership Programme it’s unlikely you’ll come across a provider whose products are not represented on O&M Profiler ESP.

Even if you do the system allows you to create custom products to use in comparisons by entering the relevant charging structure. This also allows you to include bespoke products such as GPP, SIPPs and wrap accounts in your comparisons.

Adviser charge matching

Adviser change matching allows you to quickly assess the impact of the adviser charge selected for a comparison.

If the existing plan has higher maturity values than the proposed new plan, the system quickly tells you the adjustment needed to the adviser charge for the new plan maturity values to match the existing plan maturity values.

Report customisation

The reports produced from O&M Profiler ESP can be customised to reinforce company branding with your clients including adding your company colours and logo.

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Having spent many months creating an investment process that was both efficient and robust we have been pleasantly surprised with O&M Profiler and the way it fits in to our processes. We have waited a long time for a tool that could do exactly what this one does efficiently. The reports are a powerful addition to our client facing documents and create a compliance trail.

The tool is clearly independent and we can never be accused of using providers tools to get the results we want. O&M Profiler now forms part of our investment process for ALL investment advice within the group.

We would certainly recommend O&M Profiler to anyone looking to create a simple yet compliant investment process for their business.

Harriet MacKenzie-Williams
Keystone Financial Limited