Streamlining financial advice with technology

When Birling Wealth Management opened its doors 18 months ago, the team knew that choosing the right technology was critical. The Australian financial advice business was on a mission to create a world-leading client experience and chose Xplan to support them on this journey.

As a smaller financial advice practice, finding the right tools was crucial for Birling. The right software would decrease administration, and provide a seamless end-to-end service for clients.

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With Xplan we can save 10-15 hours in onboarding clients.

John Hazell
Principal Partner, Birling Wealth Management

Transitioning to Xplan

Lisa Leckey, head of operations at Birling, shared that Xplan was chosen for its unrivalled breadth and depth of functionality. Xplan now provides Birling with everything from a CRM and the delivery of communications, right through to more complex projections, tools and advice documents that they need for clients.

Although moving data around and training people in new systems can be difficult, Birling found that transferring its data to Xplan was easy. Mark Malone, principal partner, said “the conversion happened seamlessly—everything promised was delivered behind the scenes with limited involvement from us.”

Having embraced Xplan, Birling has seen first hand how it can actually change and improve your systems, processes and the end delivery to the client.

Delivering a leading client experience

Having the right technology makes a difference in the way you perform as a financial advice practice and with Xplan, Birling has saved 10-15 hours in onboarding clients.

With Iress’ software now embedded in its business, Birling is well placed to forge a path towards a world-leading client experience.

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