Switching to Xplan with full migration support

Rainford Financial Services (now known as Rigby Financial) made the decision to move from Adviser Office to Xplan and say it's one of the best decisions they've made.

Although they had been using Adviser Office for many years and liked the system, they felt Xplan was a natural progression and had far more to offer in terms of its functionality and capability. 

Rainford received full support from our migration services team who worked with them to ensure Xplan was populated with clean, accurate data and fully configured ready for them to start using as quickly as possible.

"I can only say, move to Xplan as soon as you possibly can"

Xplan - Invaluable for their business

Amongst other things, Rainford say the best things about Xplan are its breadth of information, capability, and its interface, which is very easy to use. They also say the analysis tools will be invaluable for their business and that they feel well supported through our training and phone support services. 

Simon Rigby, Financial Services Director, at Rainford strongly encourages anyone considering a move to Xplan to do it straight away.

Moving from Adviser Office to Xplan has been one of the best decisions we've made