What’s the best way to balance the demands of managing portfolios, clients and administration?

With Xplan Portfolio—financial software for end-to-end support of any investment management portfolio.

Whether simple or sophisticated, managing client portfolios is easier and more efficient using a single piece of software. Xplan Portfolio brings together everything needed to manage your clients’ portfolios effortlessly. With real-time data for advisers and clients and impressive visual modelling tools, demonstrating the value of financial advice has never been easier.

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Construct, review, analyse and configure clients’ portfolios:

  • Flexible: Ad-hoc or target set based portfolio construction.
  • Global: Support for all investment types including multi-currency support.
  • Streamlined: Automated transaction updates from platforms.
  • Connectivity: Broker connectivity for trade execution and comprehensive reporting.
  • Customisable: Flexible fee structures.
  • Easy access: Client online access.
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