Let’s get things straight

You look like a wealth management business that’s got it together, but is chaos within?

We see it.

The pressure of running a compliant advice network on multiple systems. The madness of having to create the illusion of a seamless investing experience. Tension between front and back offices operating in silos.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Find order and stability with Iress - the high-performing, best-practice wealth management software for large and unruly financial services firms. It brings everything and everyone together onto a single digital platform for a transformation - and business - you can be proud of.

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Working with Iress has been a meeting of minds. We share a belief in building reliable, scalable, resilient technology right.

Gregg Clarke
COO - Close Brothers Asset Management

Why leading wealth managers choose Iress

One system does it all brilliantly
Your technology stack is simplified, operational silos removed, and risk is reduced with one beautifully connected system for portfolio management, advice and order execution.

Built for better performance
Inefficiency is swept away, and visible cost savings made across your entire service proposition. Duplication, manual processes and workarounds disappear from every stage of the wealth and investment journey and are replaced with better margins and improved profitability.

Best practice, not just best of breed
You can see and feel the difference when running on software built for purpose. Automated workflows following industry best practice keep everyone aligned for an altogether more practical, proven way of working. No coding or re-configuration needed.

The perfect balance of people and process
Whether automated or hybrid, delivering scaled financial advice on one connected platform is easy, and you can leverage all the benefits of automation without losing the personal touch.

Better client lifecycle management
The entire client lifecycle is dramatically simplified, and you can deliver the client experience you’ve always wanted. You’re onboarding in hours, not days and opportunities are never missed when you have an incredibly valuable 360-degree view of your business and clients.

The exciting potential of an Open API
Everything that holds you back now will be a thing of the past. Increasing your wealth management capabilities, growth, consolidation, and innovation are all so much easier on one single, connected digital platform. With Iress, there’s no stopping you.

Our biggest impact comes not from delivering a single screen of dazzling UI but in big thoughts, the small first steps, then scaling a solution to deliver return on digital investment.

Matt Lonsdale
Head of business development - Iress


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The people at Iress know our business inside out.

Stephen Gazard
CEO - Quilter Financial Planning

The financial services specialists

Need bringing in line?

Then bring in the experts. We’re financial services specialists who happen to make great software. This killer combination of expertise, technology and straight-talking has transformed some of the oldest, most traditional wealth management businesses in the world. We’d relish the chance to do the same for you.

Easy does it - flexible implementation

Looking for a carefully-configured solution with clear ROIs or a rapid cloud-based implementation? No problem. We’ve even got a phased option - perfect if you want to de-risk change but still see a progressive transition from legacy systems.

Let's talk

Iress couldn’t have been more helpful and shared our objective to deliver on time, no matter what.

Leeds Building Society

We love a challenge

Read about how we’ve helped some of the biggest, most chaotic wealth management businesses find order and stability.

Taking the hard work out of running a network

Bringing stability to the front office

Laying the right foundations

Client stories

Gregg Clarke on leading change at Close Brothers Asset Management

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Leading digital transformation

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