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Life and pensions

We're making it easier to find the perfect financial product.

What's the best way to help more clients find the right life and pension product? Create a marketplace that connects advisers, brokers and providers. Then make it easy to compare, get quotes and apply.

We are the number one online marketplace in the UK for life and health protection, pensions, annuities and investments. Our software gives providers access to a vast network of advisers and brokers looking for a better way to identify and compare the right products, get instant quotes and apply quickly.

And our independent position means we work with the whole industry to make finding the perfect financial product better for everyone.

Introducing The Exchange

  • Award-winning comparison quote software supported by all the leading providers and 36,000 registered intermediaries
  • Brings buyers and sellers together, generating more than 120 million quotes and 500,000 new business transactions a year
  • Widest provider and product coverage in the market.
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Multiple providers across every kind of product

We help brokers and advisers connect directly with product providers. The result is better client service, lower cost of sales and a better all round process.

Join the UK's number one marketplace and connect with the leading providers and 36,000 intermediaries.