SuperStream messaging for funds & employers. Efficient. Simple.

Save time and money, and increase automation.

With the expansion of superannuation reporting obligations comes the need for more efficient technology and automation.

SuperConnector is a verified SuperStream gateway that enables the transfer of messages between employers, super funds and the ATO.

A managed service, SuperConnector is cost-effective, compliant, resilient and robust—eliminating the need to use multiple system interfaces. Simplified integration—either natively with Acurity Registry or via API—means a faster implementation.

SuperConnector takes the hassle out of upgrades and reduces testing and maintenance. It saves you time and money, improves your data quality and reduces risk.

Four ways SuperConnector can help your super fund

  • Comply with ever-changing regulations: Meet SuperStream and Standard Business Reporting obligations with ease.
  • Reduce risk and improve efficiencies: Streamlines your operations by eliminating the need to use multiple systems.
  • Cost-effective: Both technical and legislative updates are included as standard in your monthly subscription fee.
  • Seamless integration: Integrates with any superannuation registry system, and natively integrates with Acurity Registry for deep validation and processing efficiency.

Discover how SuperConnector can help your super fund.

FAQs about SuperConnector

The SuperConnector fact sheet includes everything you need to know.


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