What is the move about?

From August those using Trader will have the option to move to an improved web-based trading and market data software - ViewPoint. ViewPoint has been designed to suit you and your users trading and market data needs.

This software combines responsive design, real-time market data and access to 130+ markets for a seamless online trading experience..

This move to ViewPoint is in line with us continually improving the quality and flexibility of our software and service.

What does the move to ViewPoint mean for me?

The move from Trader to ViewPoint provides multiple benefits to Iress clients and users including:

  • It’s scalable - built for businesses of all sizes
  • It’s global - multi-asset and global trading capabilities with access to over 130 different markets
  • It’s current - updated every three weeks to ensure your software is up-to-date
  • It’s easy to use - clear design, simple navigation, no downloads and compatible

What will remain similar for users?

We understand that you are familiar with Trader, as a result, the design of ViewPoint workspaces has incorporated similar functionality. Set out your layout the way you want it, with detachable widgets and the ability to span across multiple workspaces, allowing you to take advantage of multiple monitors.

What will change for users?

ViewPoint offers users the following additional features and functionality:

  • In-depth analysis: powerful charting with an extensive historical database, improved drawing tools and news display
  • Enhanced notifications features and news filters
  • Developed using a continuous delivery framework and leveraging HTML 5 technology to ensure that you have the most up-to-date software available
  • Refreshed and clear design
  • Widget based design
  • Floating Workspaces around multiple monitors
  • Real-time interwidget broadcasting

How can I find out more information about ViewPoint?

Visit our dedicated resources hub that provides support to help guide you through the move.

What actions do clients need to take?

  • Communication is key: help your users along the way by sharing the benefits, minimise the risk by providing dedicated support and providing resources to get users up and running
  • We want to hear from you: let us know how you and your users are doing

When and how will the move take place?

Your relationship manager will provide the details of your move with you.

Will there be any changes to the commercials?

There will be no changes to commercials.

Where can I get help if I need it?

For any questions or assistance needed, please contact your relationship manager.

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