Level up your trading strategies with timely insights

Unlock a wealth of market insights with our daily delivery of four comprehensive analytics files, offering deep dives into exchange venue data on a T+1 basis. Backed by our award-winning QuantFEED technology, enhance order execution performance, demonstrate best execution to your clients, and effortlessly benchmark your market share against industry peers.

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Trading Volume Overview

Support your trading research and quant modelling teams with reliable volumetric data, to enhance order execution, demonstrate best execution and benchmark market share against peers.

Best Execution Analytics

Measure the execution quality of your order flow against National/European Best Bid and Offer (NBBO/EBBO) and Volume Weighted Best Bid and Offer (VBBO) benchmark prices.

National Best Bid Offer (NBBO/EBBO)

Standard view of microsecond time stamped best bid/ask prices for an instrument traded across multiple markets and easily demonstrate best-execution to your clients with National / European Best Bid and Offer (NBBO / EBBO).

Derivatives Market Quality

Analyse trading statistics and metrics that provides an overview of trading activity for derivatives traded on exchange venues. Optimise your derivatives trading strategy and maximise returns by pinpointing liquidity-rich venues and understanding market dynamics. 

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