Market data for every type of trading application

When it comes to market data APIs, sometimes simple is best. That’s why we built ConsolidatedFeed, a straightforward global market data feed designed to power a wide range of trading applications with real-time and delayed data.

Designed to efficiently deliver trade-safe conflated market data from 240+ global feeds, ConsolidateFeed is quick to start, easy to maintain and available in all regions.

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Built for better performance

  • Single FeedOS Client API available in C++, Java and .NET C#
  • Already integrated by 50+ fintech partners
  • Easily access market data updates in all regions
  • Address your data requirements with a trusted partner
  • Deliver efficient outcomes to your operations, platforms and end-users
  • Integrate seamlessly to your applications and workflows, with a single API
  • Stay in control and achieve compliance with FeedOS Entitlement and reporting solutions

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