Replay historical events with tick-data disseminated in real-time

Sometimes, the data of past events can show the way forward. Our FeedOS Client API connects you to 15+ years of tick-by-tick normalised historical data across 145 markets.

Enhance your backtest capabilities with access to historical data events disseminated in real-time.

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Step up to a new level of performance

  • 15+ years of normalised historical data built at the source
  • Over 145 markets worldwide
  • Backfill and on-going delivery options
  • Daily delivery as early as possible after the exchanges’ embargo
  • Datasets available: L1, L2 MBL (book aggregated by price), L2 MBO (full Orderbook, order-by-order)
  • Reference data (dictionary) and tick sizes included
  • 3 timestamps for each market data events
  • Flat file binary format optimised for API consumption
  • Efficient FeedOS Client API to extract the data

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