Every trade, every quote, across multiple sources dating back to 2005

Our innovative Historical On-Demand platform provides access to deep tick-by-tick data from more than 145 exchanges dating back to 2005.

That’s every trade and every quote from the NYSE, Nasdaq, CME, CBOE, ICE, Euronext, London Stock Exchange, JPX, JSE, Shanghai Stock Exchange, data for major indices like S&P 500, Dow Jones and Nasdaq Com and multi-asset classes including equities, derivatives, fixed income, FX, money markets, commodities, energy and ETFs.

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Historical data, delivered on-demand

  • 15+ years of normalized historical data built at the source
  • No API integration: csv files delivery
  • Over 145 markets worldwide
  • Per feed or per instrument delivery
  • Backfill and on-going delivery options
  • Cloud native technology
  • Datasets available: L1, L2 MBL (book aggregated by price)
  • Reference data (dictionary) and tick sizes included
  • 3 timestamps for each market data events
  • End-to-end monitoring including automatic notifications