Global market data, news and analytics on any digital device?

How do you give your clients real time global market data, news and analytics on any digital device Investors everywhere need to make decisions based on current markets, economic events and personal situations.

Iress’ market data provides real-time datafeeds of market news, security information and company research from 100+ markets around the world. The data coverage, tools and visualisation features are constantly updated, so you can be sure you are accessing the most meaningful and useful information possible.

Global market information.

Where and when you need it.

  • Exchange Data and Connectivity: global equity, futures and options markets
  • Fund Coverage - Asset allocation, pricing, distributions, performance, fees and fund security information for funds in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada and South Africa
  • News: breaking economic and securities news from global market news vendors
  • Company Information: Top 20 shareholders, broker consensus and forecasting, financial statements and company classifications by industry sectors (GICS)
  • Corporate Actions: including dividends, company restructuring, new listing information and on-market security ticker changes.
  • Integrated: Excel and API functionality.