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Pro is a scalable and highly customisable market data interface that provides real-time market data, news, company reports, estimates data and a range of tools for sophisticated analysis.

Ideal for institutional and private client dealing rooms, fund managers, research departments, corporations and private traders, Pro integrates with Iress trading and portfolio management, creating a powerful partnership of data and software.

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Six ways Pro can help your business:

  • Real-time information: equity and derivative data for all local and global markets in real time
  • Robust capability: an extensive historical database comprising security, market, economic commodity and foreign exchange data
  • Internationally relevant: local and global news and company reports with complete security profiles and financial data
  • In-depth analysis: powerful charting and option tool suite
  • Integration: full API support including data extraction into Excel and seamless integration with Iress trading portfolio
  • Maximised accessibility: 12,000 global users accessing 154 global exchanges.

Discover how Pro can help your business perform better.

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FAQs about Pro?

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