Trade smarter with execution order management software, market data, connectivity and an extensive global RSP network

  • One complete suite of functionality, from pre-trade risk management to order routing and execution
  • Low-latency direct market connectivity and high-capacity FIX
  • Connected to the world’s major exchanges, market data feeds and trading hubs
  • Built on robust, scalable and versatile technology for trading businesses of every size.
  • Integrated with third parties for market surveillance and transaction cost analysis.
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Iress Bureau

Shared equity trading infrastructure 

Shared equity trading infrastructure maintained by Iress

  • Includes SAAS-model infrastructure, inbound electronic care flow, RFQs and order routing to Iress RSP and broker network and extensive global and UK market data packages.

Iress Trading XO

Retail execution-only trading 

Retail execution-only trading platform for low-touch trading

  • Includes Single Sweep and At Best models execution, Limit Order Minding, Order Queuing, DMA flow, exceptions management (via Iress OS+), Execution Management Dashboard (EMD), order distribution via Iress RSP, broker and non-broker network, and global and UK market data packages.

Trading XO+

For low to high-touch order flow, connectivity and market data 

For low to high-touch order flow, connectivity and market data for investment and asset managers

Includes Iress Trading XO functionality plus CARE, DMA & ALGOs, bulk inbound orders, EOD reports, bespoke routing rules and Iress Pro front-end for market data, news, reports and estimates.

Market data

Market data APIs

Including QuantFeed, our ultra-low latency market data API, Consolidated Feed for simple, cost-effective for global market data and DataFeed Manager for data via XML, HTML, JSON and RSS feed formats.

Market data products

End-of-Day pricing data, comprehensive reference data files, normalised and delivered multiple times a day and up to 15 years of tick-by-tick high quality normalized historical data delivered on-demand.


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