kids code their way through the holidays

One of the things we love the most about what we do is being able to show and share a passion for software and technology.

At the office, it’s through our global hackathon, tech community meet ups or by hosting SPRINT information evenings to share our knowledge. But when we can reach out to wider communities - it’s even better.

So a couple of years ago when a colleague in Melbourne identified an opportunity to host some children at our offices during the school holidays for a Kids Code Camp, we were all ears. And we haven't looked back.

If you haven’t heard about them these are brilliant initiatives where parents can bring their kids into the office for a few days of creativity, design, fun and coding. Open to all employees with children aged 7-12, it is something we subsidise for our people.

Code camps help cultivate emerging talent. They ignite an early interest in tech, in children from all backgrounds and all genders.

Hayley Scott
Global Head of Talent Acquisition

Since last year we’ve now hosted a number of these camps and they’ve been so well received.

One obvious benefit is happy kids, with less distracted parents, who are not having to juggle school holiday childcare. This shows in the overall vibe of the office.

The other great thing about them, which works in tandem with a fun day at Mum or Dad’s office, is that these camps are helping cultivate emerging talent. They ignite an early interest in tech, in children from all backgrounds and all genders - so it’s smiles all around.

It’s a true marker for me too, how events like this really lift and help shape our culture.

Here's what some of our people said:

"Ria had a lovely time, she was showing off the game she created to her school friends. We were both well impressed."
Nitin Shetty, Developer, UK

"My son had a great time. He enjoyed learning to code his game and was very excited to show it to his family. The whole thing was so well organised and it's such a welcome initiative for working parents."
Veronique Baltus, Information Security, Australia

"My daughter Maggie loved doing the coding. She thought the teachers (aka any grown up in the room) were ace and she made new friends. She can't wait to do it again!"
Jim Farrell, Product, UK

"Juan would talk non-stop on the way home each day with ideas to develop his game. He's already asking when the next code camp will be."
Johan Pienaar, Client Delivery, UK

''Lily had such a great time not just learning to code her own game. It gave her new skills in being able to show others what she had done, solve problems and make new friends."
Vlad Lutschenkow, Product, Australia