Iress’ response to the coronavirus situation

We have taken a number of steps in response to the coronavirus situation - and continue to do so - for the welfare of our people and for business continuity.

This blog was originally posted on 14 March 2020 (AEDT) and was last updated at 11am on 15 February 2021 (AEDT). This page is being updated on an ongoing basis.


  • We are closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation to support the welfare of our people and ensure service continuity to clients.
  • Members of the Iress leadership team, including the CEO, together with specialists from within the business, are meeting regularly to ensure the right measures continue to be in place.
  • Our teams are working well remotely. In select locations we are providing access to our offices again for employees on an optional basis.
  • We are not aware of any change to our supply chain that has or will have a material impact on our clients and users.

Business continuity

  • We continue to operate and support all services.
  • We have not experienced any serious negative impact on operations or productivity as a result of this global pandemic. We are satisfied that our teams, including business-critical teams, can operate remotely for an extended period of time if required.
  • Our data centres are deliberately located in different and independent locations consistent with prudent failover strategies. Following assessment, we are confident these services are not materially at risk at present from coronavirus-related issues.
  • The health and safety of Iress employees is the paramount consideration for any return to our offices. Employees are returning to offices in select locations in line with government, health & safety, landlord and internal guidelines. Returning to the office remains optional for employees for the foreseeable future.

Specific measures in place

To respond to the current situation, we have taken a number of steps including:

  • Establishing a global working group to coordinate our response.
  • Restricting international travel.
  • Restricting domestic travel.

Visits by Iress people to client and supplier offices

  • The health and safety of Iress' people are paramount to Iress.
  • In countries where there are no longer social distancing restrictions in place, visits to client or supplier offices can take place on a normal basis.
  • In Iress locations where offices are open but social distancing remains in place, it is optional for Iress people to visit client or supplier offices where this is requested by a client or supplier (that is, it is a personal decision by each Iress person).
  • In remaining Iress locations, Iress people are not permitted to visit clients or suppliers at their offices. Exceptions on a business critical or emergency basis will be considered by relevant members of Iress' leadership team on a case-by-case basis.

Further information

Clients can visit the dedicated coronavirus support area for information and tools available to support them at this time.

Clients can also speak with their account executive here or telephone support here. Users of Xplan, Client Portal, CommPay, Xplan Mortgage and Trigold can also access the Iress Community.