Iress Enables Real Time Quotes and KFI Generation for Equity Release

Iress is pleased to announce further enhancements to the Equity Release service within Iress’ The Exchange, including KFI (Key Facts Illustration) generation and real time quotations. These KFIs can be used to apply for products directly with the providers and in due course the application will be available seamlessly through The Exchange. KFIs will be brought into the sourcing process, as well as display comparison quotes that are sourced in real time from provider systems. Both enhancements will be available in the second quarter of 2020.

This reflects both feedback that processes should be fully joined up, and the dynamic nature of the market where products and rates change rapidly. These enhancements are part of Iress’ ongoing commitment to the growing and evolving equity release market. As a fully independent and market leading solution supplier, Iress is trusted by thousands of advisers to provide accurate and unbiased sourcing.

At the same time, the following new options will be added to the service to enable production of the KFIs and ensure more accurate client-specific quotes:

  • Extended list of property types - reflecting the different terms available based on the specific property type
  • A medical questionnaire for the products that take health into account
  • Ability to specify a level of interest serviced on the plan - in addition to roll up plans and servicing the full interest being available
  • Advice Fee - to be reflected in the quote and KFI
  • Ability to quote based on membership to different Clubs, to be specified in the quote

In addition, post-quote filters and net loan calculations are also now available on The Exchange.

Post-quote filters allow advisers to navigate the large number of options available, restricting results based on a range of options and features while net loan calculations provide an indication of the true amount available for borrowing.