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Get moving

  • 45 mins
  • Every Wednesday

A webinar designed for anyone thinking about moving to Xplan Mortgage.

Trigold has been a vital part of sourcing business for brokers for many years. You love it, we love it, but times have changed. Mortgage applicants today have specific expectations around speed and service. Delivering that requires greater efficiency, better connectivity and a smarter way to handle compliance.

Xplan Mortgage uses the same sourcing data as Trigold, but offers so much more. Join this webinar to find out how Xplan Mortgage can help you:

  • save time and do less work
  • give better advice
  • work online, anywhere, on any device
  • seamlessly integrate with all the tools you need (including criteria, client info, protection quotes and lender applications)

In 45 minutes, the team will show you how. You’ll soon see why mortgage and protection firms are switching to Xplan Mortgage.

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