That's a problem for future Olga

How can we get more people to understand the importance of financial planning?

Making a financial decision is scientifically proven to be one of the hardest things for a human to do. We just can’t get our heads round it, so we bury them in the sand instead.

In this episode, comedian Olga Koch is joined by Mark Pittaccio, behavioural economist at wealth management company Quilter. He talks about why good people make bad decisions and shares some clever mind-tricks financial advisers can use to help clients empathise with their future selves.

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Double your profit by engaging with your clients more frequently

Building a successful financial advice business takes time, effort and skill, but how frequently you engage with your clients can also influence your success.

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What would Don Draper do to sell more financial advice?

In this episode of Iress' podcast Upfront, comedian Olga Koch is joined by Kevin Chesters. He has some straight-talking marketing advice to help financial services businesses get noticed.

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The Financial Advice Efficiency Report 2023

Want to be a top-performing advice firm? Take a look at our 2023 Financial Advice Efficiency Report for insights on how to make it happen.

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Can advice answer the great $5tn wealth challenge?

Australia’s leading social demographer Mark McCrindle weighs in on the greatest wealth transfer in history - and what it could mean for your advice model.

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Navigating Australia’s recessionette

Negative news, huge cost of living increases: even if the numbers say otherwise, mentally, we might as well be in recession.

So how best to manage clients through these challenges?

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Quality of Advice Review exclusive with Michelle Levy

While the review proposes some “quick wins,” Michelle Levy thinks the most urgent recommendations are also the most contentious.

Iress' Nicole Mahan sits down with Michelle Levy to understand the QAR recommendations and what they mean for advisers.

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What every financial planner should automate in 2023

Financial advice businesses of all shapes and sizes are feeling the pressure to deliver affordable financial advice profitably, tackle rising costs and inject value into the advice process. If you’re feeling the squeeze, you’ve probably thought about how to automate more of what you do.

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How to embrace technology change

There might be some truth in cheesy motivational quotes (annoyingly), but when you’re considering making a big business-changing decision, you don’t need encouragement from a cushion. Check out these tips on how to go from being fearful about technology change, to fearless.

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Is technology the saviour of advice?

At the FPA Congress in Sydney last year, Iress’ Geoff Rogers participated in a panel discussion about the role of technology in advice. He joined a group of fellow industry leaders in the explorative discussion. Here are the key takeaways.

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Ok, Zoomer

Are financial services ready for Gen-Z?
The under-25s are fuelling disruption in financial services and flipping the switch on how things get done. Chartered financial planner and award-winning content creator Martin Bamford joins comedian Olga Koch to talk tactics and ways to engage the next generation of investors and planners.

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How to engage clients in a connected world

The need for a range of channels that meet our needs is now not just desirable, but also essential and expected. Sitting alongside humans in the delivery of good client outcomes and efficiency, an effective digital strategy is a necessary and expected part of any service proposition.

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