We all look forward to our annual hackathon.

It is a highly anticipated, special event, that generates excitement as well as a healthy dose of competition. Its aim is to generate creative solutions that solve real problems for clients, or for our people, over a 24 hour period with many of the ideas from previous years now live and making a difference.

Everyone here is encouraged to take part either by submitting an idea or by joining a team. This year our people submitted 287 ideas across all of our global locations. But the challenge is tough. Hackathon is not just a test of creativity - it is a test of teamwork and endurance.

Not all ideas are cracked in the strict 24 hour time limit. But this year saw 46% of the initial ideas transform into something to present at the regional judging ceremonies. No mean feat. We applaud them all. And we can't wait to see the results of the judging which will reveal our 2019 global winner on the 23 May.

Our hackathon's success is down to our teams' passion and willingness to succeed. Everyone works together to drive new ideas and and move it forward to get better each year. It draws our organisation together. But don't just take our word for it. Here's a film taken by one of our talented team members based in Melbourne. We think it sums up the spirit and atmosphere of the event perfectly.

Iress Global Hackathon 2019

The Melbourne event as it happened. Captured by a member of our team