We’ve all suddenly found ourselves in a new way of working. While many financial advisers have done a remarkable job of hitting the virtual ground running, the biggest challenge is continuing to deliver even more value to clients, at a time they need it most.

Our Mark Loosmore and Max Maxwell teamed up with social media and marketing expert, Philip Calvert, to share their top tips and advice for running a connected and effective financial advice practice, virtually.

Watch it now to learn more about:

  • Keeping connected: The most effective marketing and engagement techniques to retain and acquire new clients and referrals.
  • Video conferencing and beyond: How to use digital tools to deliver a premium, virtual financial advice service that will offer extra value to your clients.
  • Getting to grips with automation: How to automate more of your operations and manual tasks while your teams focus on reassuring clients.
  • Thinking ahead: How your service proposition may need to adapt to the post-COVID-19 world.

(This webinar was hosted live on Thursday 16 April 2020.)

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