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A legal perspective on DDO

Confusion still exists around the DDO reforms. Legal expert, Corey McHattan discusses the legislation and what help is available.

Michael Blomfield  |  4 min read
05 October 2021

Financial Advice

What does DDO mean for super funds?

The DDO deadline is fast approaching, with significant new requirements taking effect on 5 October. We spoke to Iress' Gordon Little to find out what it means for super funds, and how Iress is supporting the industry.

Gordon Little  |  4 min read
20 September 2021

Financial Advice

The long-term benefits of a financially literate member base

The Retirement Income Review (RIR) has unearthed a considerable problem for the industry: financial literacy.
So what are the benefits of a quality member education program? And how can super funds be sure they're investing where it matters?

Andrea Cooper  |  4 min read
16 September 2021

Financial Advice

Giving advisers better clarity on protection products

When did selling protection get so complicated? We set out to make things simpler with a little help from some friends in the industry.

Iress  |  4 min read
16 September 2021

Financial Advice

A moveable feast

What can we learn about the due diligence process from the search for the best Mojito in Barcelona?

Matt Lonsdale  |  5 min read
08 September 2021

Financial Advice

Supporting licensees with our Advice Compliance solution

October 2021 will bring the start of a number of important financial services reforms, and Iress is enabling our clients across all these obligations.

Stuart Frith  |  3 min read
07 September 2021

Financial Advice

On automating Stephen Fry

Proust, Wittgenstein or Fleming? Human or Automated? How do you get the right ratios in wealth management?

Matthew Lonsdale  |  5 min read
12 August 2021

Financial Advice

Sign o’ the tines

What have forks and the Walkman got in common with wealth management technology? asks Matt Lonsdale

Matt Lonsdale  |  5 min read
04 August 2021