Financial advice

Great Expectations and Unintended Consequences

History is full of simple ideas that have captured the imagination, energy and money of large groups of people, but resulted in very few actually finding a reward.

Matt Lonsdale  |  6 min read
04 November 2021

Financial advice

A legal perspective on DDO

Confusion still exists around the DDO reforms. Legal expert, Corey McHattan discusses the legislation and what help is available.

Michael Blomfield  |  4 min read
05 October 2021

Financial advice

What does DDO mean for super funds?

The DDO deadline is fast approaching, with significant new requirements taking effect on 5 October. We spoke to Iress' Gordon Little to find out what it means for super funds, and how Iress is supporting the industry.

Gordon Little  |  4 min read
20 September 2021

Financial advice

The long-term benefits of a financially literate member base

The Retirement Income Review (RIR) has unearthed a considerable problem for the industry: financial literacy.
So what are the benefits of a quality member education program? And how can super funds be sure they're investing where it matters?

Andrea Cooper  |  4 min read
16 September 2021

Financial advice

Giving advisers better clarity on protection products

When did selling protection get so complicated? We set out to make things simpler with a little help from some friends in the industry.

Iress  |  4 min read
16 September 2021

Financial advice

Supporting licensees with our Advice Compliance solution

October 2021 will bring the start of a number of important financial services reforms, and Iress is enabling our clients across all these obligations.

Stuart Frith  |  3 min read
07 September 2021

Financial advice

A moveable feast

What can we learn about the due diligence process from the search for the best Mojito in Barcelona?

Matt Lonsdale  |  5 min read
08 September 2021

Financial advice

On automating Stephen Fry

Proust, Wittgenstein or Fleming? Human or Automated? How do you get the right ratios in wealth management?

Matthew Lonsdale  |  5 min read
12 August 2021