Leeds Building Society has joined the growing list of lenders on Lender Connect - the technology that's connecting the industry - bringing yet more time savings and better compliance for mortgage intermediaries.

A better mortgage application process for everyone

Lender Connect from Iress is helping mortgages move faster using API technology to connect brokers and advisers directly with lenders. The result? Less rekeying, data relayed seamlessly to lenders across the UK, and a better, faster mortgage application process for everyone.

Leeds Building Society joins TSB, Accord Mortgages and Aldermore already using Lender Connect as an easier way to do mortgage business with intermediaries.

Lender Connect is a great new feature! Entering a detailed fact find is rewarded by not having to rekey data and it's underpinned by accurate and consistent data for compliance.

Paul Fairweather
Networth Mortgages

Now Lender Connect will seamlessly pre-populate Leeds Building Society’s Mortgage Hub platform with the data brokers and advisers have already captured about their client and their mortgage application in Trigold or Xplan Mortgage. This completely reduces the need to rekey and duplicate data; saving significant time for both Decision in Principles and full mortgage applications.

So easy to use

Lender Connect is available to all Trigold and Xplan Mortgage users. Just look out for lender products that have Lender Connect functionality and click ‘Decision in Principle’ after sourcing a mortgage and producing an illustration.

You will then be automatically redirected to the lender’s website. Simply log in with your usual lender login credentials and create your case to see the client and mortgage data magically appear!

Lender Connect massively reduces the time spent keying a DIP. Hopefully more lenders will come on board soon.

Sandip Singh
James Leighton FS (Quilter)

Seamless pre-population reduces rekeying

The amount of information Lender Connect pre-populates depends on the application, which software you are using (Xplan Mortgage pre-populates more than Trigold) and how much information you have entered into the fact find and mortgage sourcing.

If you have the Xplan Mortgage Advice module it pre-populates over 80% of your Decision in Principle data and judging by the feedback we’re getting from users, it's a real game-changer.

Lender Connect saves me anywhere between 30 mins - 1 hour, time I was then able to spend on other cases.

Ali Akhtar
Accumulus (InPartnership)

Find out more

If you use Xplan Mortgage and are interested in upgrading your licence to fully take advantage of Lender Connect or want to talk about the best solution for you, contact us.

You can also visit the Iress Community for helpful guides and a quick video on how easy it is to use.

Or find out more about Lender Connect on our broker and lender pages.