Faster mortgages, less fuss.

Every year, brokers and lenders write more than one million mortgages. That’s healthy business, but different lenders and different mortgage platforms can mean more rekeying for brokers, more admin for lenders and slower moving mortgages for everyone.

Lender Connect helps mortgages move faster - with API technology that connects lender and broker platforms together. The result? Seamless processing, more accurate information between brokers and lenders, and a more connected mortgage market for everyone.

We’re delighted to announce our adoption of Lender Connect, enabling integrated brokers to transfer all relevant customer data direct from their CRM systems into TSB Mortgage Pro at a touch of a button, saving the need to rekey.

Roland McCormack
Mortgages Director, TSB

Bank or building society? Here’s how Lender Connect can help:

Faster business: Build a seamless mortgage application journey with validated and accurate data - from a broker's back office direct to your mortgage platform.

Bigger distribution: Access the largest distribution network in the UK, including 15,000 mortgage brokers, 94 of the top 100 advisory firms and more than 1.8 million online sourcing quotes every month - all from one simple integration.

Better broker access: Our technology works with any lender or broker software. With a single API, you can give brokers trouble-free access to your full range of mortgage products, without building multiple and costly integrations to different broker systems.

Smarter Customer Experience: Maintain control of the mortgage application journey, supporting the investment you continue to make in broker portals.

For our lenders and brokers, Lender Connect makes it easier for everyone to write mortgages, and supports our ambition to help build a better connected mortgage industry.

Andrew Simon
Executive General Manager, Iress

Brokers using Xplan Mortgage, Xplan or Trigold? Just click to apply

If you’re a broker already using Xplan Mortgage, Xplan or Trigold, Lender Connect is ready to go. All you need to do is click to apply. No extra cost, no new software and a direct connection to each lender portal as they become live.

  • No new software or processes
  • Reduce rekeying by up to 40% on every application
  • Transfer data instantly between lender portals and broker software
  • Create a seamless flow of data through secure APIs
  • Integrate with your own CRM and sourcing software.
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