Hack the future

Andrew Walsh tells all about our exciting collaboration with renowned Australian artist Ayjay to create two categories of limited edition NFT digital artworks as part of the Iress Hackathon 2021.

Andrew Walsh  |  4 min read
24 June 2021


The hack is back

The biggest event in the Iress calendar is back for 24 hours of innovation, experimentation and fun.

Kate Atkinson  |  4 min read
21 June 2021


Cutting the complexity of data distribution

Blockchain technology can build trust across and cut out inefficiency, but what is it and how does it work?

Guest contributor  |  3 min read
01 June 2021


Putting technology to work

Our new Chief Product Officer, Joydip Das, shares his vision to build things that matter and improve people's lives.

Joydip Das  |  3 min read
16 October 2020


Welcome to the future

The digital future we've been waiting for is here. But is it what we expected? Andrew Walsh looks at what we've learned as we've adapted to working life in 2020.

Andrew Walsh  |  5 min read
16 October 2020


Why our virtual hackathon could be our best yet

In many ways our hackathon will be similar to what we've done before, there's just one big difference.

Andrew Todd  |  5 min read
09 June 2020


The Iress built for better roadmap

Find out how we're making the software you rely on even better and what we're developing to support the digital future of financial services.

Aaron Knowles  |  8 min read
03 June 2020


Blockchain explained

With so much written about the technology, how and why is it being applied to real use cases in financial services?

Sian Gulliver  |  6 min read
11 March 2020