Download links for the Iress logo, colour and font guides with basic brand guidelines.

Iress brand guidelines

When it comes to the Iress visual identity, we have one rule: never change the angle of the logo icon. Everything else is possible, with a little negotiation.

If you’re designing for the Iress brand, use these guidelines as your starting point and we'll help you with the rest.

Iress Brand Guidelines

Logo and icon files

The Iress logo and icon are two of the most visible components of the Iress visual identity and are both key to building brand equity, familiarity and trust.

We designed the Iress icon to be a visual representation of high performance, aimed high and upwards to the right on a similar trajectory to what you might see on a financial performance chart. To ensure accurate, consistent reproduction of the Iress logo and icon, please do not alter, add to, or attempt to recreate either asset.

Logo downloads

The Iress logo is available as two zip files:

  1. Iress logos for print, contains both positive and negative versions of the Iress logo in CMYK, EPS file format. Download zip file (2.4 MB)
  2. Iress logo for Web, contains the full spread of Iress logo variations, positive and negative, as RGB PNG file format. Download zip file (404 KB)


Corporate fonts are a fundamental part of our visual style that helps achieve a unique and consistent look across our materials.

Primary font

Our Primary font is Neusa Next. The font is available in a wide range of weights which allow various typographic treatments, from bold headlines to easy-to-read body text. This font is used for print and digital artworks files.

Substitution font

Where the Primary font cannot be used (i.e. electronic documents such as Google Suite), please use the Roboto family of fonts instead.

Writing Iress

When writing the Iress name please ensure that only the 'I' is a capital letter and the 'ress' is lowercase: Iress

Need more information or require something different to download and use? Please contact us