Our brand and purpose

At Iress, we have a proud history of building software that is critical to the industries and financial services brands we serve. Our purpose is to harness the power of technology to enable a smart financial system that delivers more for everyone.

At the heart of our purpose are our values and behaviours - the guiding principles that define what we do, how we do it and what’s expected of us.

Designing for the Iress brand

If you’re designing for the Iress brand, you can find everything you need to get started on this page, including downloadable files for the Iress logo and identity, colour and font guides and some basic brand guidelines. If you need more information or require something different to download and use please contact us

Our colours

Our key corporate colours are a distinct and crucial part of our identity as they make our brand instantly recognisable. When applied consistently, our corporate colours also provide a strong visual link across various materials and communications and set our company apart from the competitors.

No colours other than the ones specified below may be used. Specifications for the reproduction of our primary colours are below. The colours are specified for offset printing on white paper (CMYK) and for use on computer monitors (RGB). When reproducing the company colours on a different material, always make sure the colours visually match approved colours.

Iress Colour guide (1.6 MB)

Our fonts

Corporate fonts are a fundamental part of our visual style that helps achieve a unique and consistent look across our materials.

Primary font

Our Primary font is Neusa Next. The font is available in a wide range of weights which allow various typographic treatments, from bold headlines to easy-to-read body text. This font is used for print and digital artworks files.

Substitution font

Where the Primary font cannot be used (i.e. electronic documents such as Google Suite), please use the Roboto family of fonts instead.

Here's our guide for more information: Iress Font Guide (370 KB)

Writing Iress

When writing the Iress name please ensure that only the 'I' is a capital letter and the 'ress' is lowercase: Iress

Need more information or require something different to download and use? Please contact us