Moving up to Xplan

Ok, so you've heard the news that we're retiring Adviser Office on 31 March 2023. You're probably wondering what happens now.

We've introduced a programme to help all our Adviser Office clients upgrade to our cloud-based advice software Xplan.

Our priority is to ensure you can run your business as you do today. To make this transition as seamless as possible, we've created Xplan Essentials, a straight-out-of-the-box version of Xplan.

Xplan Essentials is available to all clients moving from Adviser Office, and if you select our standard package, we're matching the monthly fee you pay today. There are other options, too, including Xplan Plus and Xplan One . You're in the right place to find information to help make the decision that's best for your business. Just don't leave it too long because it can take a few weeks to make the move.

Move up to Xplan

Everything you need for every type of financial advice

If you’re moving to Xplan, you’re moving to a better way of working. Automate the tasks that slow you down, ease the burden of reporting and compliance, adapt to change faster, and take advantage of best-practice workflows - all thanks to our digital technology that is built for you to perform better.

  • Securely hosted in the Iress Cloud
  • Accessible via desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet
  • Designed around best practice workflows & automation
  • Includes a secure client portal for better ways to work online
  • No manual updates and always up to date
  • Unlimited document storage (subject to fair usage)
  • Supported by a local and global team of 2500+

Choose the Xplan package that suits your business best:

Xplan Essentials

Our most popular package 

Xplan Essentials is our straightforward, fully-supported ‘out-of-the-box’ advice software package.

Built with best-practice templates, workflows, automation and digital technology, Essentials is everything you need to keep your advice business moving. We host it, manage it and make it happen.

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Xplan Plus

Flexibility to add different features and build your own templates 

Xplan Plus includes everything in our Essentials package, plus the option to customise the workflows, reports and client-facing documents that use Xplan data.

You can also add new modules - like Xplan Mortgage - to help your business grow. It’s fully supported, hosted, and managed by us.

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Xplan One

Best suited to advice practices with specific customisation and hosting requirements 

Most of the advice firms we work with choose our Essentials or Plus packages. Our Xplan One package caters for everyone else.

It’s best suited to advice practices with specific customisation and hosting requirements. We build it, you host it as your own site and we work together to support it.

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Work smarter - key benefits of Xplan

  • 1:21

    Faster fact finds, valuation reports and client letters in Xplan

  • 1:06

    Communicate securely, faster and better with Xplan’s client portal

  • 1:05

    Manage clients easier and faster with Xplan’s Client Hub

  • 1:35

    How Xplan workflows improve compliance and efficiency

  • 1:23

    Save hours and gain more insight with Xplan’s MI reporting

  • 0:55

    How Xplan’s User Dashboard saves time and identifies sales opportunities

  • 26:13

    Manage revenue and remuneration with CommPay

Full demo: why move from Adviser Office to Xplan

In just 30 minutes Sarah Atkinson shows how moving to Xplan saves time, improves processes, reduces the risk of compliance errors, and ultimately helps your business do more of what makes you brilliant.

Upgrade for more brilliant financial advice

  • Easy to use Fact Finds for individuals, trusts and businesses
  • Standard valuation and review templates
  • Best practice advice workflows
  • Automated valuation feeds integration
  • Simple ‘Add’ and ‘View’ portfolio management tool
  • Prepopulation technology to cut data entry and rekeying
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Upgrade for more brilliant client management

  • Client portal to help you connect and advise your clients online
  • Templates for client communication, letters and commonly-used emails
  • Simple ID upload and verification functionality
  • Centralised client data and document management
  • Advanced search and wizards to help you along the way
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Upgrade for more brilliant business

  • One central place to manage all your client data
  • Integrated invoice and revenue management
  • Securely hosted on the Iress Cloud
  • Automated software updates
  • Online training and access to Iress Community
  • Local support and global expertise
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"We moved to Xplan and haven't looked back"

Charlie Nicholls, partner at CPN Investment Management, talks about moving from Adviser Office to Xplan and why they haven’t looked back.

What happens when you upgrade to Xplan?

Natalie Jesudason is an Iress account manager, who has worked with Adviser Office clients for 15 years. She’s part of the team helping financial advice businesses upgrade from Adviser Office to Xplan.

Here, she talks about how it all works, what to expect along the way and shares her tips for a successful transition.

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Ready to upgrade?

Adviser Office is retiring on 31 March 2023, and you're invited to upgrade to Xplan. It can take up to 8 weeks to fully make the switch so don't leave it until the last minute.

If you have questions about Adviser Office and moving to Xplan, please check out our frequently-asked-questions.

Ready to book your upgrade to Xplan or want to talk to your account manager? Please complete and submit this form.