Iress' response to DDO

On 5 October 2021, strict new design and distribution obligations (DDO) legislation will come into effect in Australia, significantly changing how financial services organisations distribute and market products.

These obligations, as set out in Regulatory Guide 274, apply to a very broad cross-section of the industry, including the issuers and distributors of most consumer financial products.

The breadth and interconnectedness of this regulation requires almost every part of the industry to find a cost-effective and scalable way to forge connections in what is a relatively short space of time.

Iress is on track to delivering a solution ahead of 5 October 2021, when the legislation comes into force. During 2020 we successfully brought together multiple stakeholders to deliver an industry advice fee consent solution. DDO is the natural next application of this solution, to allow for the distribution, storage and management of TMDs and complaints.

We have previously helped clients meet requirements in the UK and Europe, where similar obligations on product issuers and distributors exist, through the MiFID II legislation. Iress is also experienced in the collection and distribution of managed fund data.

We are committed to supporting the industry to meet these new obligations through an industry-wide solution that improves trust and transparency in financial services, maximises efficiency and reduces the overall burden on clients, members and the industry.

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Watch this industry forum to learn more

We have received a lot of enquiries from people across the industry seeking insights into what DDO will mean for them. To support this, we held an industry forum to share how our technology-based solution supports all industry participants impacted by DDO to manage their obligations in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Watch the recording to hear from Michael Blomfield, Iress’ Chief Commercial Officer and Simun Soljo, Partner and financial services regulation expert at Allens as they discuss:

  • Why a technology-based, industry-wide solution is beneficial for all parties
  • What the DDO legislation will mean in practice 
  • How the Iress DDO solution will work.
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How will DDO impact you?

DDO obligations will create a fundamental shift in how products are distributed to clients and members.

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Why Iress?

Iress’ local and global capabilities combine to make Iress a natural DDO solution provider.

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The Iress DDO solution

DDO obligations will create a fundamental shift in how products are distributed to clients and members.

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