Automated revenue management


How can you manage revenue and remuneration with accuracy and ease?

Start with CommPay, built for adviser businesses. CommPay automates all areas of revenue management - from the upload of supplier statements, bank receipts, sales and pipeline reporting, remuneration models, to revenue splits, invoicing, reconciliation processes and comprehensive reporting. It’s a simple tool to help streamline revenue and remuneration.

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Automated revenue software built for advisers

  • Flexible rules-based revenue and remuneration management
  • Comprehensive purpose-built reporting tools
  • Sales and pipeline reporting
  • Comprehensive imports for supplier statements, client direct fees and bank receipts
  • Complex remuneration models
  • Compliance reporting
  • Streamlined payment distribution.

CommPay is versatile and robust. The integration with Xplan allows for accurate client revenue reporting and comprehensive business reporting.

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