Making organising finances as easy as ordering a pizza

These days, it’s possible to do just about everything online. So when Lewis Investment wanted a better way to deliver their service digitally, they turned to Iress and introduced Client Portal and Digital Signatures. It wasn't long before they experienced the benefits.

Adam Gardiner, technology application developer at Lewis Investment, tells their story.

"Everything is just so much easier"

Since introducing Client Portal, feedback from clients and users has been positive. We’ve seen some clients, who didn’t use email, create email accounts just so they could use it and have the opportunity to sign documents digitally.

At Lewis, we’ve used automated workflows so clients get a notification when something is ready to view and sign, it’s a smooth process for us and them. Everything is just so much easier and our print and postage costs have reduced. It's been essential throughout the whole of the coronavirus lockdown, almost all of our business has gone through Client Portal and our advice transactions have been completed using Digital Signatures.

As well as being able to digitally sign application forms and documents, clients can use Client Portal to:

  • Access their investment portfolio
  • View valuations and recommendation reports
  • Securely message their adviser
  • Upload documents
  • View their transaction history

We’ve gone from weeks to complete tasks to same day processing for some transactions - happy days!

Adam Gardiner
Technology application developer, Lewis Investment

"It’s better for business"

The speed at which we can manage transactions from recommendation stage to contract note stage has reduced dramatically. We can give advice, get the digital signature back and complete the transaction on the very same day.

We’re now offering a Client Portal mobile app to give clients even greater visibility over their assets, a safe and secure way to complete transactions and stay updated. Investing in these digital tools has sped up decision making and transactions, which is better for our business, but it has also brought so much to our clients' fingertips. It’s a great user experience - the sort of experience clients expect.

If I can do anything digitally, even order a pizza, why shouldn't I be able to organise my finances in the same way?

Adam Gardiner
Technology application developer, Lewis Investment

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Customised and connected, Client Portal is the secure way to give your clients an online view of their investments and financial life. Discover what it could do for your business.

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