Switching to Xplan provided powerful client and management information

Ovation Finance needed a more efficient way of managing their business and the team’s growing workload. They wanted a system that would also produce powerful client and management information, to enable them to better demonstrate the value they were adding.

"It's not us doing the work, it's Xplan"

For them, Xplan was the clear choice

Ovation have now been using Xplan for over two years and are seeing major efficiencies and benefits, as well as improvements in the quality and amount of information the system gives them which enables them to provide an exceptional service to their clients.

For Ovation, the main benefits of using Xplan have been:

  • Being able to compare current and rebalanced portfolios which help the team to create the best possible recommendations for their clients.
  • Having the ability to synchronise and share diaries across the team which puts them in greater control of workloads.
  • Task automation which has reduced manual inputting and administration and improved accuracy.
  • The speed at which they can generate and run reports, which saves considerable time each day.

The team were impressed by the real-time view Xplan gave them of their core business activities – things like sales pipeline, activity management, FUM and lead tracking - all provided by Xplan's dashboard of reporting tools.

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