How Lime Financial got their business moving with Xplan Mortgage

Managing director of Lime FinancialExternal link, Charlotte Rafferty shares why she chose to run her business on the Xplan MortgageExternal link software platform and how it has made her business faster and more efficient.

No wonder we’re seeing a wave of mortgage brokers and financial advisers upgrade to Xplan Mortgage.

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Lime Financial is a jargon-free whole of market independent advice brokerage. With razor-sharp client focus, they aim to help everybody, even those with challenging requirements.

MD Charlotte was familiar with Xplan Mortgage having used the software before. When she set up Lime Financial, she did her due diligence, trying and testing other mortgage software packages but found them to be ‘clunky’ and lacking the same level of integrated features of Xplan Mortgage.

It was a ‘no-brainer’ to choose Xplan Mortgage with its integrated protection, advice, criteria search and CRM to set Lime Financial on the path to success.

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Honestly, it’s absolutely brilliant and I genuinely mean that - it’s brilliant

Saying goodbye to hours of research, rekeying and screen hopping

Dip in and out if you like, but the full force of Xplan Mortgage can be seen when using it for cases from start to finish.

Charlotte mentions one particularly tricky case of which Xplan Mortgage made light work:

“One client had a basic income with shift allowance that varied fortnightly, along with some adverse credit in relation to defaults. Using Xplan Mortgage, I completed the fact find, then used the integrated Knowledge Bank feature to pinpoint those specific areas of criteria to source all the eligible mortgages and protection products that were best for the client.”

“What’s more, the lender was available on the Lender Connect apply button, so I could complete the Decision-in-Principle without any rekeying of data or errors. Thanks to the complete, accurate and compliant fact find in the first place, the whole case was completed with a few simple clicks.

All in all, that case could have taken hours and hours. Xplan Mortgage cut that by half.”

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Charlotte’s favourite Xplan Mortgage features

  • “The thing I like best about Xplan Mortgage without a doubt is having everything in one place. It’s seamless from start to finish, right from the initial contact through to pre-and-post application.
  • I love that you can source the mortgage and protection simultaneously. From a process point of view, it’s great to be able to do all of that in one go
  • The additional features, like Lender Connect and Knowledge Bank, save so much time. It ensures that all of our advice and compliance is correct, reducing any risk of error.
  • It’s got reminders on there to make sure you don’t miss anything off, and you can manage pipeline and renewal dates which help with planning and ongoing client retention.

I really do think Xplan Mortgage is fantastic software to use regardless of the role you hold within financial services. I’d also say that the support at Iress is fantastic. Everyone is very approachable and very friendly.

Honestly, it’s absolutely brilliant and I genuinely mean that - it’s brilliant”

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