How to stay connected using Xplan

The following information should be useful whether you use Xplan or not. The reassurance you get from face to face contact is a challenge when social distancing and self-isolation is keeping us apart. So how do you build and keep those connections during a time like this so that you can continue with business as normal (or as near to normal as you can)?

In our blog Coronavirus: remote working for financial services, we gave some useful tips on how to deliver financial services when you’re working from home.

Now let’s show you some of these items in action.

Online meeting

When face to face isn’t an option, video conferencing is a great alternative but you’ll want to know that the video conferencing software you use is secure and designed for your needs as a financial services professional.

If you’re an Xplan user, you can connect with clients and your team seamlessly via video conference using the Online Meeting function.

Powered by Suitebox, this integration enables you to schedule online meetings directly from Xplan, digitally share, sign and witness documents during meetings, video record your advice discussions and return all records of the meeting directly to your client’s file notes in Xplan.

Use Online Meeting today

What if I want to use another video conferencing tool?

If you are using another video conferencing tool or app, you can still save a copy of the recording to Xplan. Just remember to record your meeting. Afterwards you can download your recording from the tool you’re using and upload it to Xplan within a Document Note.

Tip: If your recording doesn’t upload first time check what your maximum upload size is with your System Administrator. Remember to delete the file from your downloads to adhere with privacy policies.

Client Portal

During times like this, your clients may be looking to obtain financial updates and documentation from you more frequently. In which case, a Client Portal could be just what you need. Client Portal is free for all Xplan users. Take a look at it in action in this video:

Digital Signatures

You’ve seen above how Digital Signatures can be used as part of our Client Portal to enable clients to sign when they aren’t in the room. If you’re an Xplan user and would like more help on Digital Signatures and how to use them, visit the Iress Community or get in touch with your Iress representative. Hopefully you’ve seen how these tools can help you build an effective virtual office and continue connecting with your clients and teams throughout this challenging time.

If you need any help or would like some advice on any aspect of the things we’ve covered in this article, just get in touch.

Coronavirus support

For free resources and support to help guide you through the coronavirus crisis, including tips and advice from our team on how to work effectively and securely from home, visit our dedicated hub.