FE Analytics: new addition means Xplan hits 450+ integrations

We are delighted to announce that our latest integration with FE Analytics means our Xplan clients and users can now access more than 450 integrated data feeds, applications, research platforms and gateways.

I’m really excited about this move. We know that advisers use a multitude of systems to provide advice. The challenge has always been to ensure each system works together seamlessly and efficiently. Every time we add a new integration, we’re incrementally solving this problem, and finding smarter and more efficient ways for advisers to work.

Xplan currently integrates as standard with widely-used third party technology but we can also create custom integrations for specific systems as requested by clients. It’s all part of Iress Open - our integrations program designed to give clients and users more choice and flexibility around the applications that work directly with Xplan.

Integrating with an award winner and market leader

FE Analytics is a powerful, award winning tool that combines genuinely comprehensive fund data with market-leading analysis. For Xplan clients, our latest integration means direct access to research and analysis, portfolio construction, due diligence and ongoing monitoring from an established industry leader. It also means data can be seamlessly shared between FE Analytics and Xplan without the need for rekeying data or altering business processes.

You can read more about how we’re making it easy for third party integrations, or get in touch if you’d like to find out more about any of our standard and custom integrations. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to sharing more ways to integrate Xplan with both class-leading technology and cutting edge systems, and making it easier for our clients to deliver their best work.