Iress Impact (formerly Iress Foundation) was established in 2017 to support charities, predominantly through fundraising and workplace giving. Since then, Iress Impact has contributed over $1m to our local communities. As the initiative has evolved over the years, our focus has grown to include charitable donations and skilled volunteering and community support in areas where we can have the greatest positive impact.

The guiding principles established then remain relevant today: facilitate, support and promote people engagement; make a visible, reliable, and meaningful contribution to partner charities. As a financial technology company we have aligned Iress Impact’s mission to the following United Nations Sustainable Development goals:

  • Quality education (SDG 4), with a focus on STEM education
  • Decent work (SDG 8), with a focus on displaced people and refugees
  • Partnership for the goals (SDG 17) through the provision of services to charities.

To help deliver these goals, everyone at Iress receives three days of Iress volunteer leave annually to contribute to their community.

Quality IT education - South Africa

iSchoolAfrica provides iPad labs in schools for disadvantaged communities, as well as support for:

  • #myfuture 2021 provides ongoing technical support for the centre we sponsored in 2020 along with 10 previously loved iPads
  • coding and robotics digital lab is a mobile iPad lab (consisting of 10 brand new iPads)
  • coding and robotics facilitation is a coding club offered as an after school activity.

Yes4Youth aims to close the current skills gap in youth with disabilities. Through Iress’ partnership, four students have been sponsored to complete an NQF 5 level national certificate in Information Technology: Systems Support or Systems Development.

Supporting skilled employment with Talent Beyond Boundaries

Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB) is a global not-for-profit that works with governments and businesses to give refugees and other displaced people access to skilled employment opportunities.

Iress has partnered with TBB since 2017 and since then, Iress has hired and relocated six skilled refugees and their families to Australia and the UK through the TBB program, as well as provided financial support for TBB to enable people in more locations to access skilled migration pathways.

In 2022 Iress expanded its partnership with TBB to provide more reliable and meaningful support to their work and efforts. The expanded partnership includes a fixed financial agreement of $750,000 over five years, in addition to pro-bono technical volunteering and communications and marketing support to further promote the benefits of TBB’s skilled migration program in Australia and around the world.

Provision of services to charities

Iress' 2021 global hackathon saw 177 ideas generated across 87 teams, one of the winning ideas was 'Accessible Advice'—a social impact initiative born from a global team of 18 Iress people.

The Accessible Advice pilot launched in Australia during early 2022 in partnership with advisers and charities through Iress Impact (formerly Iress Foundation).