Real change comes when people get behind common causes, understand why they matter and how they can get involved to make a difference.

The Iress Foundation provides this chance. A chance to aim higher, dig deeper and amplify the grass-roots activities of our people to help others in our local communities.

What if we all did one thing to help aim for a better life for everyone? Here is how some of our people responded to this question throughout this year.

Powered by the efforts of our team, this year our Foundation has been able to*:

  • Support 31 community partnerships worldwide - registered charitable organisations that focus on those whose health, education and/or welfare is at risk.
  • Gift A$97,874 in donations - The total amount donated towards our charity partners in 2019.
  • Match A$68,090 of funds raised by our people - Matching the fundraising efforts of our people for charities and organisations close to their hearts.
  • Donate 231 days of recorded volunteering time - Three days of volunteer leave are given to Iress employees each year.
  • Launch a global Iress Foundation Giving Platform - The platform supports volunteer. opportunities, one-off appeals, matching initiatives and payroll giving.

*All figures correct as of 30/11/19

2019 highlights

What if we run, walk or cycle to make someone’s life that bit brighter?

A global effort

Skilled refugees need jobs

“This year a global team representing all our offices tackled the UK’s Three Peaks Challenge for Talent Beyond Boundaries. A charity which helps link refugees with countries and companies that need their skills, forging a sustainable solution for refugees to rebuild their lives. Despite the obstacles, reaching the summits of each felt great and quite emotional. I’m proud to have done it. Our team, along with support from the Iress Foundation raised well over £38k.” Chris Clayton, Corporate Marketing, UK.

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What if we cooked a meal and had a chat with someone who needed it?

United Kingdom

Helping people to feel better about themselves

“Helping Hands has a Soup Kitchen near our office. The charity supports people in need, helps them feel better about themselves, to be more active and get back into work. The volunteers at Helping Hands do an amazing job in a tiny kitchen, yet they still manage to provide hot meals three times a week for anything up to 60 people. It really makes you appreciate what you have.” Zoe Harries, Test Engineer, Warwick.

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What if we did our best to give a child a better start?

New Zealand

Bikes mean an education and a way out of poverty

“I attended a fundraiser for The Cambodia Charitable Trust and knew then I wanted to help make a difference. A bike offers a vital mode of transport for children in rural areas in Cambodia to get to school. And when a child gets an education, they are more likely to escape a life of poverty. Our team made donations which were matched by the Iress Foundation, meaning we could give the charity 40 bikes. Such an amazing result.” Penny McDonald, Account Management, Wellington.

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What if we all did one thing to help vulnerable people?


Food insecurity and making a difference

“One in seven people in the Toronto area struggle with food insecurity. The opportunity to connect, help and understand the impact our few hours volunteering with Daily Bread made it really worthwhile. We were able to pack enough food packages for over 125 families in need.” Emma Breen, Administration, Toronto.

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What if we did our best to give a child a better start?

South Africa

Supporting children and their families in disadvantaged farming communities

“Since 2017 we’ve been supporting The Pebbles Project through donating clothing to sell and, with the help of the Iress Foundation, we raised enough funds to sponsor four children in the Western Cape. We have continued to support these young learners, which has resulted in their ability to successfully progress through school. Recently our sponsorship has grown to ten deserving children.” Klee Barris, Marketing, Johannesburg.

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What if we could provide nutritious meals for people in other countries?


Helping to build a zero hunger generation

“World Food Day is organised to bring awareness to how our changing planet affects food production and distribution, with a goal to build a zero hunger generation. Plate 4 Plate is a campaign that, with Rise Against Hunger, an international relief agency, hosts meal packing events in locations across Australia. As part of their three days of Iress Foundation leave, 25 Iressians volunteered at the Sydney meal packing event.” Zita White, Product, Sydney.

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