"We’ve found a better way with Xplan"

Advanced Asset Consultants had been using our Xtools software for cashflow planning alongside Intelligent Office (iO). However, it was clear things weren't as easy or efficient as they could be.

Kevin Lynch, director & chartered financial planner and Rachael Firth, paraplanner, at Advanced Asset Consultants tell us how they found a better way to run their business with Xplan.

"Xplan was clearly the best solution"

The cashflow planning software Xtools is fundamental to our defined benefits business and one of the few products to take account of tax wrappers and lifetime allowance tax charges.

But we were using it with a back-office system from a different software vendor which meant our systems were very fragmented. Things weren't streamlined with Intelligent Office (iO) and we knew there must be a better, more efficient way of doing things. So we sat down as a business to work out what we needed and Xplan was clearly the best solution for us."

"Xplan speeds everything up"

"Not long after switching from iO to Xplan, we went into lockdown. It was a chance for me to look at our processes and how we build them.

I'm really enjoying using the threads and Xplan's outcome-based functionality. I can see what stage everyone is at in a case and with no need to rekey information, everything is so much easier.

Using one system cuts the work down brilliantly, it’s better for us and our clients as it speeds everything up.”

Everything is so much easier with Xplan.

Kevin Lynch
Director & chartered financial planner

"We are much more efficient with Xplan"

“I've just started using the automated revenue module (Commpay) which is far better for reporting compared to Intelligent Office (iO), there's no room for error. Xplan is very intuitive.

Before, we had one task for the whole case so things could easily get lost. With Xplan, our processes are standardised. We can check things more easily and prove we’ve done something properly. From a compliance perspective, we are much more efficient.”

Xplan is the only advice software we use now. It cuts the work down brilliantly.

Rachael Firth, Paraplanner
Paraplanner, Advanced Asset Consultants

"We're delighted we chose Xplan"

“ Lockdown has helped us look at our service and refine it. While we've always embraced digital tools like digital signatures, albeit, in a disjointed way, I now see how we can make the most of them with Xplan and move completely away from wet signatures.

Previously we might have missed out on some tenders due to our location for defined benefits and corporate advice, but the video conferencing within Xplan means location isn't a barrier anymore.

We’ve demonstrated with the help of Iress and our wonderful staff that we can run our business efficiently, even in lockdown. The outlook is good and we’re delighted we chose Xplan.”

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