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Guiding you through PS20/1: Consistency is key

How can we help you through the FCA’s Policy Statement PS20/1 around changes to rules governing mortgage advice and selling standards, due to come into force at the end of July 2020?

Guest contributor  |  3 min read
08 July 2020

Financial Advice

FE Analytics: new addition means Xplan hits 450+ integrations

How our integrations with strong partners are enhancing the advice process for Xplan clients and users.

Mark Loosmore  |  2 min read
07 July 2020

Trading and market data

CSDR: The Final Chapter?

The Parliamentary Financial Services Update released by Richi Sunak on the 23rd June announced, amongst other things, that CSDR would no longer apply to the UK markets in February 2021 as previously planned.

Russell Thornton  |  3 min read
01 July 2020

Trading and market data

Support Desk vs Account Managers for troubleshooting

What's the difference between your Account Manager and the Iress Support Desk? We look at the differences so you can get the best out of both!

Iress  |  3 min read
01 July 2020

Trading and market data

The future of investment strategy

Industry expert, Nerina Visser, discusses ESG and how it’s changing the ways in which analysts are making their investment decisions.

Iress  |  4 min read
01 July 2020

Trading and market data

New integration to transform Australian bond investing

We recently announced a new partnership with the Australia Bond Exchange.

Jess Sayer  |  3 min read
15 June 2020


Why our virtual hackathon could be our best yet

In many ways our hackathon will be similar to what we've done before, there's just one big difference.

Andrew Todd  |  5 min read
09 June 2020


Mindfulness in minutes

This 30-minute session will help you feel more resilient and productive while working from home.

Guest contributor  |  2 min read
03 June 2020