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Is RFQ a panacea for the equity market’s liquidity crunch?

Tried and tested over a number of years across different asset classes, request-for-quote (RFQ) platforms have begun to appear in the equities market. Are we about to see the RFQ protocol redefine how institutional equities traders access liquidity in a post-MiFID II world?

Russell Thornton  |  4 min read
23 January 2020


Every delay has a cost

If we look at how technology companies deliver to clients, it’s critical to quantify the cost of delay as early as possible, says our head of engineering, Gareth Davis.

Gareth Davis  |  7 min read
22 January 2020


The art of prior-art

...or how to speed up software engineering by avoiding reinventing the wheel in the world of DevOps. Read the latest insight from our technology team.

Josh Samuel  |  8 min read
22 January 2020


Iress acquires BC Gateways

We're excited to welcome blockchain communication platform provider, BC Gateways.

Guest contributor  |  2 min read
08 January 2020

Iress Interviews

Streamlining financial advice with technology

Using our financial advice software Xplan, Sydney-based firm Birling Wealth Management have streamlined their operations and save around 10-15 hours in onboarding clients.

Jess Sayer  |  1 min read
17 December 2019

Iress Foundation

Aiming for better, for everyone

A look at just some of the Iress Foundation initiatives our people have driven in 2019.

Sian Gulliver  |  5 min read
12 December 2019


It's official! We're a great place to work

Iress is included in the top 50 places based on Glassdoor reviews.

Sian Gulliver  |  1 min read
11 December 2019