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Striving for better in the Middle East

As part of our interviews series we talk to Sam Instone, CEO of wealth management business AES International, about starting out in the UK, scaling up in Dubai and raising standards across the Middle East.

Sian Gulliver  |  3 min read
02 December 2019


Mortgage Efficiency Survey 2019

For eight years, the Iress Mortgage Efficiency Survey has explored the impact of technology on the mortgage market. The 2019 report takes a closer look at the market trends, lender views and opinions shaping the industry, and how technology continues to underpin the evolution and growth of the UK mortgage market.

Steve Carruthers  |  3 min read
20 November 2019


CTO, Andrew Todd, named ‘industry’s most innovative’

The accolade has been given by an influential title for senior IT professionals in Australia, who select the top C suite executives each year.

Sian Gulliver  |  1 min read
14 November 2019


kids code their way through the holidays

The school holidays mean our offices can sometimes be a bit quieter than usual. But in the recent UK and Australia breaks, things were different. Hayley Scott, from our Talent Acquisition team explains.

Hayley Scott  |  3 min read
11 November 2019


Iress to automate superannuation, signs with ESSSuper

Automated Super Admin to provide efficiency and scale for funds as administration needs change

Guest contributor  |  2 min read
26 October 2019


Using technology to improve how we work

Using new technology can revolutionise how we work and live - but choosing what to invest in is not always a straightforward decision says CTO, Andrew Todd.

Jess Sayer  |  4 min read
20 October 2019


Software functionality: striking the right balance

Finding the balance between software design and functionality is tricky. Product Executive, Emily Chen, on finding the sweet spot.

Emily Chen  |  3 min read
20 October 2019