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Financial Advice

Better doesn’t stop here

How we’ve listened to our clients to deliver a new simple, intuitive navigation experience.

Laura Rist  |  3 min read

Industry Voice

Sowing the seeds of Income Protection

Justin Harper, Head of Protection Marketing at LV=, on the right angles for client conversations about insurance.

Justin Harper, LV  |  4 min read

Financial Advice

The future is bright for CCD users moving to Xplan

Xplan offers a positive choice for Synaptic CCD users looking for hard working financial advice software.

Sian Gulliver  |  2 min read


JBWere chooses our software after a global search

One of Australia’s leading private wealth management businesses selects us to help increase efficiencies and reduce risk.

Kelly Fisk  |  2 min read

Trading and market data

Data beyond the desktop

What more can data do? We’re on a mission to find the answers. QuantHouse CEO, Pierre Feligioni, and head of market data, Jon Eckfeld, explain how the recent acquisition of QuantHouse means quality and speed for our clients and users.

Sian Gulliver  |  4 min read


Technology alone won’t save you

Many businesses underestimate the investment required - in culture, people, systems and technology - to bring about real change. What’s the common denominator that contributes to success?

Sian Gulliver  |  4 min read


The Apollo moon landing: One giant leap for software engineering

As well as being one of the most significant achievements in human history - it represents a landmark moment in the history of software engineering. We asked some of our people what its legacy means to them.

Kelly Fisk  |  5 min read


Iress Labs: a look inside the laboratory

Iress Labs brings users into the software design and development process to share their opinions, experience and insight.

Emily Chen  |  2 min read