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This year XPLAN was named Australia's number one financial planning software by research house Investment Trends. It's the tenth consecutive year IRESS has won this award, so this one was particularly special for us.

XPLAN led in each of the five areas reported by Investment Trends - client management, advice provision, portfolio management, practice operations and integration. We also received the 2016 Investment Trends Planning Software Innovation Award for the digital document signing we introduced last year. 

Digital Signatures is one of several new online features designed to build efficiency in the advice journey and reduce potential break points.  It enables your clients to accept and authorise documents online, making it easier for both them and you. You can now take this a step further with Virtual Meetings in XPLAN, giving you and your clients added flexibility to meet wherever you and they are. Virtual Meetings provides a range of practical benefits like reduced travel time, the ability to meet across time zones and cost savings. 

In the next few months we’ll share more about some new features coming in XPLAN. We’ll also show you a brand new solution that enables seamless, multi-channel, scaled advice for your clients -we're very excited about the benefits this new solution brings.

Our team is more focused than ever on developing and delivering solutions to support our clients and end users. Thank you for your continued support.


Tizzy Vigilante
Managing Director, Wealth Management AU&NZ



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