Legal trading entities

Our global trading entities.

Our group structure is a strong reflection of our dedication to growth through product and market expansion.


Iress Limited
ACN 060 313 359

Iress Wealth Management Pty Ltd
ACN 095 619 837

Iress Data Pty Ltd
ACN 137 251 702

Innergi Pty Ltd 
ACN 120 557 539

Financial Synergy Holdings Pty Ltd
ACN 126 127 197

Financial Synergy Pty Ltd
ACN 005 484 391

Lucsan Capital Pty Ltd
ACN 087 167 226


Iress Market Technology Canada LP
Reg. No. 1 4041 2008

Hong Kong

Iress Asia Holdings Limited
Reg. No. 1390908


Iress Malaysia Holdings Sdn. Bhd.
Reg. No. 1057037-X

New Zealand

Iress (NZ) Limited
NZBN: 9429039268846


Iress Market Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Reg. no. 200923761E

South Africa

Iress South Africa (Australia) Pty Ltd
Reg. No. 2011/005040/10

Iress Wealth MNGT (Pty) Ltd
Reg. No. 2000/009471/07

Iress Financial Markets (Pty) Ltd
Reg. No. 2003/017207/07

United Kingdom

Iress Technology Limited
Reg. Company No. 07784841

Iress (UK) Limited
Reg. Company No. 06836280

Iress Solutions Limited
Reg. Company No. 03896352

Iress Portal Limited
Reg. Company No. 02596452

Iress FS Limited
Reg. Company No. 02958430

Iress Web Limited
Reg. Company No. 05501526

Iress Mortgage Services Limited
Reg. Company No. 03598058

O&M Life & Pensions Limited
Reg. Company No. 02717535

Proquote Limited
Reg. Company No. 03851830

Pulse Software Systems Ltd
Reg. Company No. 08230913


QuantHouse SAS
Reg. No. 449 703 248