Creating a paperless advice process

Euroz Hartleys Limited (Euroz Hartleys) is a West Australian leader in the provision of the full spectrum of corporate finance, stockbroking, wealth management, institutional sales and targeted research services. It has funds under management in excess of $3 billion.

Karen Kernaghan, Associate Director and Head of Adviser Support from Euroz Hartleys, shares how their use of the Client Portal and Digital Signatures via Iress Xplan enables them to create a paperless advice process and efficiently manage the compliance obligations for more than 4,000 of their advice entities.

Using Client Portal and Digital Signatures via Xplan is the perfect way to reduce excessive paper based processes and still meet regulatory requirements. With the oversight of Xplan Cases, together with full management reporting, it has meant that we have been able to meet our advice fee consent obligations with confidence. The use of digital signatures has provided a secure system that is easy for clients to use and negated the need to await physical mail to arrive.

Protecting people’s financial futures with professionalism

Euroz Hartleys uses Client Portal to store important client documents electronically, and support their clients with automated reminders to keep these documents updated regularly. It has also empowered Euroz Hartleys’ clients to look at their financial information on demand.

Our clients can access documents through Client Portal without asking us, creating greater transparency by ensuring that our clients have a holistic view of their finances and they are clear on whether their financial futures are tracking in the right direction,” says Karen.

Internally at Euroz Hartleys, Client Portal has allowed the team to access real-time data analytics to measure client engagement and provide insights for possible action or changes.

Client Portal has streamlined our business processes because we can seamlessly track all of our client interactions and use the portal as a dashboard for our team workflow. It has created greater trust with our clients and efficiency in our business operations. Our clients are digitally savvy and embrace being able to view their portfolios online, and the ability to do this frees us up to spend time talking to our clients, not filling out forms.”

Client Portal is efficient and secure, and it presents well to clients

Saving time and money with Digital Signatures

For Euroz Hartleys, Digital Signatures ensure that there is no double handling.

Clients receive an email informing them they have a secure document awaiting them in their client portal. They login, read their document, digitally sign it using a dual authentication process, and accept all the terms and conditions, which is a much more efficient process. No longer do we have to physically print and post the document, and wait to receive it back.

"We estimate we are saving around 30 minutes per every set of documents; being the time it takes to create the document, email/post to the client and then scan a copy back to Xplan on return. Additionally, there is the postage cost. With all this being handled digitally, in real terms we believe this saves us approximately $50 per set of documents. Given our funds under management is in excess of $3 billion, this is considerable given the number of documents we are required to send each month.

"The support of the team at Iress has been great to understand and navigate how best to use Xplan, Client Portal and Digital Signatures, and this has helped us drive greater efficiencies across our business.”

We implemented Digital Signatures as standard for our business. It's a fantastic sales tool, it’s secure, and it’s saving us time and money.

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