Iress enables certain third party software applications to access Xplan via its APIs (application programming interfaces) (an “Integration”). Information regarding the Integrations currently available via Xplan are set out here. We will update this list from time to time to reflect new Integrations.

Customers who use Xplan in a multi-tenanted site, and who choose to make use of Integrations that have been enabled for that site, will also be subject to the terms set out below.

These terms apply in addition to (and not in substitution of) the agreement Iress has entered into with the organisation you represent regarding the licence of Xplan (“Xplan Agreement”).

In using an Integration available via Xplan, you will be deemed to have accepted these terms on behalf of the organisation you represent.


Definitions used in the Xplan Agreement shall apply to these terms. The following definitions shall also apply:

Data Transfer” means the two way flow of summary level data which may include Customer Personal Data (for customers based in the UK) / Personal Information (for customers based outside the UK) and Third Party Data between Xplan and an Integrating Party.

“Integrating Party” means the third party with whom the Integration exists.

Iress Open” means the service made available to the Customer which enables it to activate certain API’s to enable the two way flow of summary level data via an Integration between Xplan and an Integrating Party.


  1. The Customer acknowledges that the services provided via the Integration shall be “Third Party Services” for the purposes of the Xplan Agreement.
  2. The Customer acknowledges that Iress Open is hosted by Amazon Web Services, Inc (“AWS”).
  3. Customers based in the UK further acknowledge (for data protection purposes) that:
    a: to the extent a Data Transfer includes Personal Data, the Customer agrees that AWS shall be an authorised sub-processor of Iress;
    b: the Integrating Party is acting as a processor of the Customer and not a sub-processor of Iress.
  4. The Customer confirms that prior to activating the Integration enabling access to the third-party application it shall enter into a Direct Agreement with the relevant Integrating Party.
  5. The Customer may not use the Integration in a manner which involves consolidating many or all Authorised Users under one or very few Xplan licences, or otherwise with a view to minimising the Xplan licenses for which the Customer subscribes.
  6. The Customer shall not intentionally engage in conduct that results in any interference with or disruption of Iress servers or networks including without limitation, flooding or overloading Iress systems or networks.
  7. In the event any Third Party Data is included in a Data Transfer (other than data of the Integrating Party), then the Customer must:
    a: ensure that the Data Transfer is permitted by the party providing such Third Party Data, including by ensuring that it has a Direct Agreement in place with the Third Party Service Provider if required;
    b: retain all disclaimers and notices included in any Third Party Data; and
    c: comply with appropriate terms in respect of distribution, display and use of the same which may be imposed by the Third Party Service Provider, as set out in the Third Party Terms or in a Direct Agreement between the Customer and the relevant Third Party Service Provider.