Low latent connectivity network

Iress SmartHub is a low latent connectivity network for high volume, financial transactions among market participants. Designed to deliver cost and performance benefits across the front, middle and back office, SmartHub dramatically reduces point-to-point connections and IT footprints across message protocols.

With global, open-trade messaging across 153 markets, SmartHub helps businesses grow, access more liquidity, reduce operational risk and lower the cost of business.

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A smarter way to connect to global markets

  • Global reach across all major asset classes and multiple message interfaces.
  • Seamless and straightforward trading with global counterparts via interconnection with existing systems and networks.
  • End-to-end, fully managed service covering every aspect of connectivity.
  • Access to over 500 global counterparties via one connectivity partner, a single connection and single certification.
  • Cloud-based and supports pre-trade, trade and post-trade messages between buy- and sell-side participants.
  • Enables business growth, access to more liquidity, reductions to operational risk and the cost of doing business.

Discover a better way to trade across global markets:

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